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As a starting point for the Strahlhorn 4190m is the Britannia hut 3030m well located. From Saas-Fee in the Swiss canton Valais, one get into the Britannia hut. A cablecar facilitates the ascent to the hut. Fazit: The Strahlhorn is a perfect “ski-mountain”, very well as ski tour feasible. In summer it is a long walk over a flat glacier terrain and not a lot of crevasses.


Very nice summit, perfect for acclimatisation and an incredible descent to Saas-Almagell. ( 3h 30″ )


The Rimpfischorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland. The Rimpfischorn is located of the mountain chain that links the Monte Rosa with the Mischabel peaks. It is a popular mountain,since it can be climbed from mountaineer Mecca Saas-Fee. The view from this mountain is extraordinary.  Walking time 6 1/2 h.


The Allalinhorn over the Hohlaubgrad is one of the most beautiful ridge tours with short climbing. Walking time 3 1/2h.

ALPHUBEL (4206 m)

The Allalin and Alphubel are two of the high peaks on the crest between Zermatt and Saas-Fee. There are a combination to start from the Britannia hut and climb the Allalinhorn via the Hohlaubgrad. The technical difficulties on this combination are some moderatlely steep snow/ice slope near the summit of the Alphubel and some stiff 4th class rock climbing on the Feechopf, but these sections are limited in length. This is a long day at high altitude and good fitness is a must. Walking time 7-8


EGGINER (3366 m)

From easy to high level, the Egginer offers a large variety of climbing routes both for beginners and for experienced climbers. Duration: 2 – 4,5h.


Fluchthorn - Strahlhorn -Adlerpass - Ripfischhorn

For those who dont want to go so high, there are still some other nice options from the Britannia hut, ideally with a mountain guide.

  • Adlerpass – Berghaus Flue or
  • Monte-Rosa-Hut – Zermatt
  • Feeglacier – Mischabeljochbiwak or Längfluehhut
  • Allalinpass – Täschhut – Täsch